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Personal Care

At Dale Care we understand that this is often the most difficult kind of help to accept. That’s why we approach it with the utmost respect for our clients’ dignity, independence and personal pride.

Domestic Support

Sometimes a little bit of help makes all the difference. Our carers can help you with domestic tasks that you might find hard to do, giving you time for the things you enjoy.

Specialist Care

There are some conditions which require special care. At Dale Care we understand that when people have special needs due to medical reasons or just the ageing process, they may need extra care and support.

Outings and Companionship

Isn’t it nice to be taken to do your shopping yourself, go to the garden centre or maybe even just a trip out in the car. If your in the house often on your own this is something lovely to look forward to.

Practical Support

Our carers are very good at lending a hand to sort issues out that are worrying you. This may be a letter you have received that you don’t understand, or bills that need paying and involve going to the post office, or even if you need some shopping getting they will always endeavour to assist.

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